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 RTMNU Humanities Courses: Are you looking for details about humanities courses at RTMNU for the academic session 2019-2020? Those who are looking for humanities course details of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, this article will provide you an updated list on what courses are offered. Here you will get information about all the humanities courses offered at RTMNU with details about eligibility, duration, examination and part/full time information.

Why Humanities?

Students are increasingly inclining to humanities now as it is providing a number of unique research fields. Humanities are coming up with newer subjects like linguistics, development studies or liberal arts which are interdisciplinary in nature. They are providing numerous research opportunities.
 RTMNU offers different humanities courses based on your last academic qualifications. 

Language Courses:

The university offers a one year certificate course in different languages such as English, Russian, Telugu, French, German, Bengali and Urdu. This certificate course is offered at RTMNU for the students who have cleared their 12th standard with English as one of the main subjects. This is a one year full time course.

If you already have a certificate course in the above language, RTMNU offers a one year full time Junior Diploma course in the respective subjects. After Junior Diploma you can go for Diploma in Oriental Learning. This is offered in Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian languages if you have Junior Diploma Oriental in the relevant subjects. This is a two year full time course. The examination is held once in a year. Visit the RTMNU website for more information.

English language is still largely in demand and there is also a need of English teachers all across the country. RTMNU offers a PG Diploma in English teaching. This is a full time course offered in the university and the exam is held only once. As per University ordinance there is also a diploma in English teaching course offered, which is a one year full time course. A three months Certificate course in Spoken English is also held. To know more about the ordinance, visit the RTMNU website Diploma and Advanced Diploma is offered on a one year full time basis in subjects such as English, French, German and Russian language. Exam in the following subjects under the Diploma course is held only once in RTMNU.

Other Courses in Other Humanities Subjects:

Apart from languages, RTMNU offers a host of certificate, diploma and degree courses in other fields. It offers PG Diploma in Geo Informatics, the examination of which are held twice in a year. It is a one year full time course. For the students who have finished their 12th standard, a Diploma course is offered in RTMNU in Local Self Government. Graduates can apply for PG Diploma in Panchayat Raj Administration for a full time one year course. Other PG Diploma courses for graduates at RTMNU include Video Programming (News & Current Affairs), Woman Studies & Development, Gandhian Thought and Tourism and Travel. These are all one year full time courses.

Bachelor of Arts:

RTMNU offers three years Bachelor of Arts degree in a host of languages like English, French, Russian, German, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Gujarati and Bengali and other subjects like Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Archaeology, Musicology, Dr. Ambedkar Thought and Buddhist Studies. These are full time external courses. Examinations are held twice a year. For information regarding the session, visit the website Apart from this there is a one year full time course of Bachelor in Business Administration.

Master's in Arts:

The MA Courses are offered as Choice Based Credit System in languages, economics, geography, political science, philosophy, public administration, sociology, psychology. Graduate in any of the mentioned discipline can apply for it. This is a two year, full time external courses with students appearing for examination twice. 

After Master’s Degree, if you want to venture into the area of research, you can join the M. Phil degree at RTMNU. The minimum qualifying degree is 50% in the concerned MA subject. This is a one year full time course with examination slated once in a year.

Other PG Courses:

Apart from the regular Master’s courses, there are PG degree in Travel & Tourism, Labour Studies, and Advertising. PG Diplomas are offered in Consumer Laws, Cyber Law and Information Technology, Human Rights and Duties Education, Banking Laws, Labour Laws, Industrial and Intellectual Property Laws, Human Resources Development Laws and many more. To know whether they are offered in one year or two year basis, visit the RTMNU website,

BA LLB Honors is full time five year course and Bachelor of Laws is a three year course.
RTMNU offers these courses under the thoughtful guidance of expert faculties. 

To know more about the faculties and their area of research, log onto Please let us know if you need any more information regarding humanities courses offered at RTMNU.


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